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The Wildlife Blog Collection 2019 | Terra Incognita, February 2019

It’s a Frog’s Life: An Interview with Jools Holland | Conservation Careers, June 2016


Changes during captivity of a zoo-based population of Partula snails | 18th BIAZA Research Conference, June 2016


United Kingdom:
  • Partulid snails | Marwell Wildlife, 2015
    • Assessing the risk of genetic adaptation to captivity in a population of Partula varia
    • Developed method of extracting DNA from live snails without causing harm to individual
  • Big Cats | Marwell Wildlife, 2015
    • Collected data to establish whether changing to carcass feeds was improving stress levels and reducing negative behaviours
    • Observations on Amur leopards, Amur tigers and snow leopards.
  • Reptiles | Bangor University, 2012
    • Investigated whether the black zigzag pattern of the European adder acts as an aposematic signal to avian predators.
  • Canines | University of Lincoln, 2013 – 2014
    • Assisted with a study undertaken at Jerry green dog rescue looking at the effect of high value rewards in behavioral training
  • Kenya | Marwell Wildlife, 2014
    • Studied difference in species richness and diversity across areas with different land management techniques
  • Botswana | Tuli Wilderness, 2011
    • Monitored species movement throughout unfenced reserve on the border of Botswana and Zambia
    • Worked with local schools to improve human/wildlife relationship through education
  • The Gambia | Bangor University, 2010
    • Recorded all bird species found within a 10 day period to study diversity among avian species across breadth of country