30 Days Wild – A Beginning in Belgium

June 1st is my birthday and, coincidentally, also marks the star of the Wildlife Trust’s 30 days wild campaign. The concept of the campaign is simple. Challenge yourself to do something wild (nature-wise, not teenage rebellion style) every day for 30 days. Sounds simple right? Well, when you live and work in the heart of […]

Hedgehog Awareness Week

My blog has been quiet recently for various reasons, but I am starting back up again with regular posts and what better way to start again, than with hedgehog awareness week. Last year, a poll released in the BBC wildlife magazine found hedgehogs to be Britain’s favourite species, a wildlife emblem for our country if […]

What’s on in 2016

For my first post of the new year I thought I’d detail some of the incredible exhibits and events happening throughout 2016.  Whilst some of these are yearly events, others are one-off occurances.  I’ve also included some key dates for the diary, such as Love your Zoo week! So, What’s on in 2016? 30th/31st January […]