End of an MRes…

For the past year I have been hard at work studying with Marwell Wildlife and the University of Southampton researching genetic adaptation in captive Partula snails as part of an MRes in Wildlife conservation. You can read more about my experiences during the course and the thoughts of current students here.

Whilst my part in actively researching Partula snails may have come to a close, there is much still to be learnt from the study¬†population, which (at present) is the only one of it’s kind. The new students have taken control of the project and are adapting the study in the hopes of learning more about genetic adaptation to the captive environment and how the snails utilise their environment. In addition to this, I am working towards presenting and publishing parts of my research with the aim of contributing to the the protection and management of these highly endangered species.

As I look to gain more experience in the conservation field, I’ve created this blog ¬†as a means of commicating with other people interested in wildlife conservation. By reporting recent studies and articles I hope to encourage interesting discussions as well as encourage support for various organisations and causes close to my heart.

Any ideas on topics or articles you’d like to see discussed are more than welcome, I will also cover any wildlife or conservation related places I visit, such as national parks and zoological gardens, in order to highlight the work they do and encourage people to experience wildlife and nature.

With that in mind, my next post will cover a recent visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster where a polar bear retirement enclosure is well on the way to completion.

You can find more information about the MRes Wildlife Conservation course and how to apply, here.

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