MRes Wildlife Conservation
University of Southampton, UK
Modules: Wildlife Conservation: Principles and Disciplines; Techniques in Monitoring & Surveying; Fieldwork: Before, During & After; & Advanced Quantitative Methods.
Fieldwork: Practical fieldwork and differences in land management techniques based at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya.
Research Topic: Genetic adaptation to captivity in a population of Partulid snails (Partula varia).

BSc (hons) Zoology with Conservation
Bangor University, UK
Conservation Modules: Ecology & Evolution; Practical Ecology & Conservation; Principles of Conservation; & Wildlife Conservation.
Animal Behaviour Modules: Animal Form & Function; Animal Science; Animal Behaviour; & Advances in Behaviours.
Skills & Statistics Modules: Key Skills in Biological Sciences; Skills in Biological Sciences; & Systematics & Diversity,
Biology Modules: Cellular & Molecular Biology; Organismal Diverisity; Evolution & Genetics; & Parasitology.
Fieldwork: Comprehensive sighted bird count in The Gambia.
Research topic: The use of aposematic signals by European Adders (Vipera berus) to deter avian predators.

Employment History:

Conservation Blogger
Conservation Careers
Sourcing key information to write comprehensive pieces based on current conservation topics. Conducting and writing interview pieces on various job roles to provide support and advice to budding conservationists.

Veterinary Nurse/Receptionist
Kebir House Veterinary Surgery, North Yorkshire
Assisting with various medical procedures and administering medical treatment as required. Acting as the first point of contact between visitors and the surgery, in person and with seamless telephone and communication.

Kennel Assistant
Jerry Green Dog Rescue, North Yorkshire
Delivered appropriate animal handling training to volunteers and potential adopters. Sole responsibility in setting up and managing the inhouse database system for past and present animals.  Trained pet insurance advisor and qualified centre microchipper for small animals.

Events Secretary
Bangor University Sub-aqua Club
Secured sponsorship and event venue for club from local businesses. Implemented and managed: recruitment drives; training sessions; weekly club meetings; and fundraising events. Liaised with local charities in running beach and ocean clean-up events.


Project Management
Project proposals; risk assesments; budget planning; & scientific reporting.

Data Collection
Scientific diving; SeaSearch surveys; camera trapping; population monitoring; DNA extraction (live and deceased specimens); track and sign; & behavioural observations.

Data Handling
Statistical analysis in SPSS, Minitab and R. Use of PCR and gel electrophoresis.

Computer Software
Microsoft Word; Excel; Powerpoint; Access; Project. ArcGIS.

Basic French, Basic Spanish

Other qualifications

BSAC Ocean diver with PADI enriched air certification.
Marine Mammal Medic
Emergency first response with defibrilator use

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