30 Days Wild – Days 11 to 14: Read for Wildlife

With a busy week (and weekend) ahead I thought I would start to struggle a bit to keep up the random acts of wildness but, if anything, I’ve proved to myself that I only need a few minutes each day to reconnect with wildlife in some way. Although, maybe, that’s part of the beauty of doing 30 Days Wild…

Day 11

Busy day 1 and I’m limited for time, however, no matter how busy I am at work, I do try to take some time out in the middle of the day to eat my lunch and read a book.

Having recently finished reading murder on the orient express (a brilliant Agatha Christie novel if you haven’t read it), I was in need of a new lunchtime book and thought I could tie this in with my daily ‘wild’ act.

Of course, when choosing a nature centric book/author there’s only one really obvious direction to go, and so, my ‘wild’ book choice for Day 11 is none other than:


Day 12

Busy day number 2. I ordered some moss for my terrariums a few days ago and it arrived today!

The remainder of day 12 was then spent cultivating and caring for my newly acquired moss to ready it for placement in my terrariums (see previous 30 days wild post )

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Day 13

Today is Wednesday and that means, time for my weekly borrow my doggy walk!

I am quite lucky with where I live, in that I live within 20 minutes walk of 3 large parks (Greenwich, Deptford and Southwark) which gives ample choice for evening walks. So, this week I choose to explore one of our local parks on my walk with Piper dog.

Recently fallen leaves made an interesting find for Piper and I enjoyed encouraging a little bit of canine parkour by getting her to jump on and off logs and rocks.


Days like today make me feel very lucky to live so near to such beautiful and accessible green spaces.

Day 14

Today’s speedy Wildlife act was to buy (and read) this months copy of the BBC Wildlife Magazine.


Tweeping a copy of the above photo for 30 days wild also sparked a twitter conversation about plastics, mainly the excess use of packaging for this months magazine. Not only did BBC Wildlife Magazine reply to the thread, they acknowledged the use of plastic and advised that they are trying to find alternatives to plastic packaging. Nice to see voices being heard!

Answers from Day 10’s wildflower ID quiz

  1. Wood Avens (Top left)
  2. Ground Elder 
  3. Dog Rose
  4. Bittersweet Nightshade
  5. Common Ragwort

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