30 Days Wild – Days 8 to 9: Exploring London

1 week down and the 30 days wild challenge continues with some exploration of South East London (and a bit of Colchester)

Day 8

Once a week I borrow a dog. Her name is Piper.


Today we walked along a section of the Thames path between Surrey Quays and Deptford. I love walking the Thames path, and this is such a lovely section as, if you veer slightly off the path, you can find yourself in parks, woodland and areas designated for nature.

The area we passed through today is particularly close to my house and contains a little wildflower area with signs depicting different species of butterflies and birds to spot.

Butterfly SignageThames PathWildflower Garden

The abundance of green space is one of the reasons I love the city of London – you’re never too far from nature, even in the heart of the city.

(For more information on London as a green city, visit the National Park City initiative)


Day 9

Do you believe in Book fairies?

I do!

I joined the official London book fairies earlier this year after finding an abandoned Book on a train journey. The concept is simple – leave books at various locations around London for other people to find, read and pass on, and maybe make someone’s day in the process!

Today I decided to drop off some remaining copines of The Language of Kindness (a fitting title for a free book) by Christine Watson whilst on route to a friends house in Colchester.

As I’m sure everyone already know, fairies love flowers! So what better place to leave a few copies than some flower beds in Greenwich!

Book in flowers Book in grasses

Books dropped and trains travelled, the rest of the afternoon and early evening was spent enjoying the sunshine sat in my friends garden! (Does that count as a second wild thing today!?)

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