30 Day Wild – Days 4 to 7: Travel and Terrariums

My holiday may have come to an end but The 30 Days Wild challenge carries on…

Day 4

Sunflower SkirtTraveling back to London via Eurostar today and I didn’t expect to be outside a lot, so I donned my sunflower skirt in the morning in keeping with the ‘wild’ theme!

I find that little things like flowers on your clothes or animal-themed jewellery can make you feel closer to nature and can even serve as an ice-breaker to start a ‘wild’ conversation.



On arriving at the Eurostar terminal I spotted this mural:


My curiosity peaked and I quickly learned that the Union Jack mural was created using recycled litter found on Eurostar trains.  I also learned that the Eurostar journeys emit 10 times less CO2 than the equivalent flights and that the company is committed to reducing their emissions even further!

Learning this information made me appreciate being able to travel on the Eurostar and shows that we can all be more mindful of our travel choices and their impact on the environment.


Day 5

Back to work today, which may limit my time available to spend outdoors but doesn’t necessarily have to limit my time thinking about the environment.

I’m certainly not a stranger to starting up an environment related conversation in my office, from the needlessness of plastic straws to the blatant overuse of disposable coffee cups in my office, and today was no different.

On the way to our meeting my manager mentioned how much he liked the new ceramic mugs we were given (an effort by my company to reduce waste) but how it was hard to remember to pick it up before going to the kitchen. I used this as an opportunity to move the topic on the perils of disposable coffee cups and why it’s so important to try to limit our individual use.

I’m thoroughly pleased to say that I work for a company that is not only trying to reduce its overall impact, but is attempting to educate it’s staff on environmental issues as well. It’s such a simple thing to start a conservation of the environment with work colleagues and is something we could all do.

Day 6/7

Last year, in my infinite wisdom, I decided I didn’t want flower centerpieces at my wedding. I wanted terrariums. As a result I now have a collection of empty glass jars, bags of soil and gravel, and multiple mini succulents scattered around my living room.


I decided to use 30 Days Wild as a good reason to start making my terrariums – result: 6 down and 6 still to go!

Whilst messy, making terrariums was certainly therapeutic and there is something to be said about what having plants in the home does to ones mental well-being. I feel happy seeing my glass containers filled with plants and take pride in watering and caring for them. Terrariums are ideal for bringing a little bit of nature into my little London flat, and require little maintenance once the plants have established

For anyone interested in making their own terrarium I’ve included a step by step guide below, including where I got my supplies from.

How to make a terrarium in 5 easy steps

What you will need:

  • Good quality soil
  • Perlite
  • Aquarium gravel
  • Glass container
  • 4-5 succulents of varying sizes
  • Moss / Sand
  • Stones / Other decorations


Step 1

Pour a 2 inch (approx.) layer of aquarium gravel into the glass jar.  I used white Fish R Fun aquariums gravel (The Range, £1.75 / kg), but there are multiple colours to choose from.

Step 2

Decide where your plant would be best placed in the terrarium. Now iot’s time to mix your soil and perlite together. How much perlite you’ll need will depend on your soil – I use Gro-Sure perlite (Homebase, £7.98 for 10 kg) and Levington multi-purpose compost (Robert Dyas, £4.19 for 20 litres) and used a 30:70 ratio (roughly)

Pour a 2 inch layer of soil mix on top of the gravel.

Step 3

Remove the first succulent from it’s pot and position in place. Gently move the soil around the plant roots and press down to set the plant in place. Repeat for the rest of your plants. If using moss, place this around your plants now.

Plant wise, I bought a mixture of plants from a local garden center. The smaller ones from Amazon (£9.95 for 8 plants) as is the moss (£9.58 for 1.3 litres)


Step 4

Position any decorations you may wish to add into your terrariums. We’re using harry potter and Disney as part of our wedding theme, so I’ve included Lego figures (already owned), varios aquarium ornaments (The Range, £2.49 each) and a plastic Ariel figure (bought in Belgium for 3€)

Step 5

Water the terrarium thoroughly.  Continue to water every 7-10 days (or more if required), leaving no more than 1 inch of water in the base gravel.



And there you have it, your very own succulent terrarium! Easy!


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